NAPA Warranty

Steering and Suspension3 Year/36,000 Miles
Wheel Bearing Kits25 Month/25,000 Miles
Wiper Blades2 Year
Batteries5 Year standard, 3 year AFB/AGM
Rotating Electrics3 Year/36,000 Miles
BulbsCovers OE Guarantee
Shock Absorbers3 Year/36,000 Miles
Coil Springs3 Year/36,000 Miles
FiltersCovers OE Guarantee
OilCovers OE Guarantee
Braking25 Month/25,000 Miles
CVJs & Driveshafts3 Year/36,000 Miles

For any further questions about warranty, please get in touch.

***Taxi – Please note warranty’s can differ***

Manufacture compatibility certificates – NAPA (100 compatibility and guarantee)