We stock a variety of different NAPA oils using the latest synthetic technology and additives. these additives are designed to protect DPF’s and Catalytic Converters whilst also helping with fuel efficiency. NAPA’s industry leading lubricants programme is backed by a 100% Guarantee and 100% Guaranteed MMI approved vehicle application data, providing full protection.

When finding the correct oil for your car, we use a manufacturer approved oil listing to ensure the oil we provide is suitable and backed by the manufacturer for your car.

The Dangers of using the wrong oil

The automotive aftermarket garage is constantly inundated with lubricant products boasting OEM applications on the label. Unfortunately, some of these oils may not meet the actual OEM specification required as they are blended to perform to the level of or are suitable for vehicles out of warranty. For true protection and performance, check that your lubricant meets the OEM specification under the EU Block Exemption Regulation and will maintain the vehicle’s warranty, and the warranty on any replacement parts.