NAPA Electrical

NAPA Alternators

NAPA Alternators are equipped with technology and production practices that greatly enhance their performance and reliability for a product offering that will keep your vehicle running. Every alternator in the NAPA range is entirely surcharge-free to simplify the purchasing process. NAPA Alternators are made to exacting OE specifications to ensure consistent quality in every batch.

NAPA Starter Motors

NAPA Starter Motors are made to exacting OE specifications and just like the alternator range, they are surcharge free.

NAPA Lighting

NAPA’s bulb range are made to an O.E. specification. All NAPA Bulbs are subject to stringent product testing to ensure that they consistently meet industry-leading standards of quality.

NAPA Batteries

The NAPA Vehicle Battery range covers 98.98% of the UK car parc. All NAPA Batteries are built for like-to-like replacement on the same production lines responsible for making OEM batteries.

  • Standard – 5-year warranty
  • AGM/AFB – 3-year warranty
  • CV – 2-year warranty
  • Flame Arrester – Prevents explosions from any external sparks
  • Envelope Separators – Prevents short circuits between positive and negative plates & prolongs service life
  • Special Lead Alloy for Positive & Negative Plates – Provides maximum performance and service life
  • Lead-Calcium Grids – Provides higher cranking ability & longer service life
  • State of Charge Indicator Flame Arrester (Sealed batteries only)
  • Double lid with Labyrinth Structure (Sealed batteries only) – Provides lifetime maintenance-free motoring
  • Polypropylene Case – Exceptionally strong and durable case