NAPA Braking

We stock a wide range of NAPA brake pads which are O.E. spec, affordable and high quality. To pair up with our range of pads, we stock a wide variety of brake discs which again are O.E. spec, affordable and high quality.


Noise, vibration and harshness can have a surprising impact on the overall driving experience. NAPA PROFORMER braking parts are designed to keep the braking system as quiet as possible without impacting braking precision or performance.

NAPA Discs

All our brake discs are made from grey cast iron, and both our hubs and disc edges are coated in a zinc-aluminium compound with anti-corrosive properties for parts that perform better and longer against outside elements.

NAPA Discs are resistant to thermal deformation and distortion thanks to their superior ability to dissipate heat.